A Case Study of the United States of America’s COVID-19 Situation


Before we begin, please don’t expect much from us because we are not some selected best scientists from the world. Rather, we were a privileged team who has benefited from Kesha Williams initiative organized through women who code (WWCode) and ACloudGuru.

Hospitals are one of the most important facilities in society and bed space is an entirely relevant part of a hospital. At the wake of the pandemic (Covid-19), hospitals play a crucial part in our society.

The United States of America has been severely hit by Covid-19, every support that is possible is being giving to the hospitals…

Invaluable learnings from working on complex real-world projects.

Source: https://medium.com/startup-grind/the-introverted-leader-b1d84c2bc974

Just like most attributes of humans, including both the bright and dark sides, being an introvert is no exception. This article was not written to inspire you as most articles about data science or engineering do. What we want is that by the end of this article you will be informed with relevant tips that contain facts and experiences of Omdena Challenge participants on their journey towards Data Science.

As the name suggests, introverts are people who enjoy introspection, and commonly think through almost everything. On the other hand, they quite often reserve their opinions to themselves. …

Joseph Itopa A.

AWS Solution Architect | ML Engineer | Writer

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